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Good Data.

Good Decisions.


Use data and knowledge to reduce uncertainty and discover insights

At Aljets Consulting, we empower you to answer those questions you don't know how to answer and refine those messy processes that you don't know how to solve. We will help you establish successful research techniques and skills, ranging from surveys to focus groups to modelling and simulations, that will allow you to pull the right data for the right question at the right time. 

We also offer suggestions and a free appraisal of research projects to help you determine what methods should be used to achieve your needed research insight.

Paul has 14 years of experience as a researcher and analyst. He has worked on projects for multinational corporations, state agencies, and local governments. He prefers a jack-of-all-trades approach to research; using both quantitative and qualitative methods to solve client problems. He has experience in everything from surveys to agent-based modeling.

Meet Paul

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Meet Alex

Alex thrives on creating order from chaos to help organizations and individuals achieve their goals. With 13 years of experience working in higher education and nonprofit sectors, she is adept at clarifying complex organizational challenges and balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders. Alex’s expertise areas include process improvement, design thinking, and creative problem-solving. Using a human-centered approach that gets results, Alex enjoys helping teams align around a vision, solve problems, and move forward effectively together.

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